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Organization Culture Assessment & Diagnosis

Organization Culture Assessment & Diagnosis

Organization culture underpins true and sustainable performance.  There will always be a culture.  Why not have the one that best fits your organization?

Culture affects everyone and everyone affects culture. Culture shift is not something done to employees but done with employees.

Creating an organization that is passionate about customer care, solving problems, adapting to change, and deeply driven to create value for all stakeholders is not something that a person can be trained for – but it is something that is learned.  We define culture as the composite of shared beliefs, values, goals and experiences of the work group, department, region or corporation.  Corporate culture can be good or bad or somewhere in between; what is known is that corporate culture affects the performance of every individual and team in your organization.

We are experienced experts in applying the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) from Human Synergistics International.  The OCI is a comprehensive, superbly researched and proven effective survey used in many companies in many industries.  The OCI provides you with the insights you need to determine what culture levers are at work which affect the behaviours that employee believe are expected or implicitly required.  The methodology that we employ includes gathering data about both the “current” and “preferred” culture.  Helping you and your people move from “what is” to “what could be” is one of our strengths.  It is widely recognized that senior executives can and do set the tone for the organization’s culture however our methodology recognizes the reality that everyone in the organization ends up affecting the culture as much as the culture affecting them.

See our article “differences between satisfaction and culture surveys” .  If your executive leadership believes that culture shift happens by putting up posters, stamping value statements on identification cards, holding a couple of meetings and sending out emails or memos then don’t waste your employees time and energy or your organization’s money for that matter on attempting to fully understand the culture drivers that affect employee motivation, satisfaction, adaptability to change, orientation towards teamwork and passion for the customer.

“Employee engagement is an outcome, not a program.” – Sid Ridgley

Culture is about creating an enterprise that is:

  • ‘easy to do business with’
  • is ‘an ideal place to work’
  • has ‘ideal operating performance’ and,
  • is ‘valued by its stakeholders’.

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