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Employee Research

Employee Research

Giving employees the opportunity to provide feedback is an important aspect of employee engagement.

Optimizing employee performance is crucial for ensuring that the organization is high performing and consistently meets its goals.  The primary purpose of feedback to uncover areas of strength and areas of weaknesses.

Employee surveys are used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues such as the company’s success in communicating its mission to employees, assessing the quality of the working environment, interpersonal relationships, understanding of key organizational goals, compensation and benefits, customer care orientation, satisfaction with training and development…and so much more.

Polling employees provides you and your leaders with important information about which actions creates problems and what areas could be leveraged.   Employee feedback will inevitably be both positive and negative but once completed you will have a better description of the internal health of your organization.

A word of caution.

If you are conducting a survey because it simply is a “goal” on a senior leader’s “to-do” list.  Do yourself and your employees a favour and defer conducting the survey until executive leadership truly understand the value of conducting an employee poll.  For more information see our article: Why Employee Surveys Fail.


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