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Custom Surveys

Custom Surveys

Dealing with a specific critical issue, in a professional timely manner, assists in making decisions.

Conducting a custom survey is about putting the power of research into your hands. The goal is to provide you with the freedom to decide what subjects matter, what demographics matter, what survey channel is preferred, and so much more. It is about personalizing the survey in order to collect meaningful information and ideas you need to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Let’s have a discussion about what your research needs are.  We promise to listen to understand your needs before making a recommendation about how best to utilize your time, money and other resources.

If comparing your utility’s performance and customer affinity levels to others is important, then the UtilityPULSE Annual Customer Satisfaction survey just might have the comparator information you need. We certainly can, and often do, augment the standard annual survey with customized utility specific questions. Check out the UtilityPULSE Annual Customer Satisfaction survey here.

Employee Research

Organization Culture Assessment & Diagnosis

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