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Customer & Stakeholder Research

Customer & Stakeholder Research

Reaching out to customers is proof positive that your organization cares about its relationship with customers.

We live in a world where polarization of viewpoints is becoming the “norm” not the exception. We live in a world where rage and outrage of one customer – or stakeholder – can be disseminated to thousands of people instantly.

Customers and stakeholders have wisdom to offer your utility. The challenge is to determine which method to use to engage respondents in order to get meaningful results. But once a method is chosen additional challenges emerge; such as, question design, scaling, sequencing, sampling demographics and much more.

Some researchers foolishly believe the goal of research is to get agreement from Customers or stakeholders for something they want to do to the business. We believe in a monopoly type world the issue isn’t about getting agreement it is about getting support for the changes, enhancements or investments needed to enhance the value proposition and operational performance of the utility. Behaviourally speaking, a person can support a change even though they may not agree with it. The key is to demonstrate that the utility truly understands what customers and stakeholders feel.

The good news is, UtilityPULSE with over 20+ years of dedicated utility research has the survey expertise and industry experience to conduct your big or small research project.

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