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Events & News

FALL 2023 Cohort of Electric Utility Customer engagement Surveys:

UtilityPULSE is currently conducting the 25th Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey by interviewing residential and small commercial customers during the fall of 2023.

We will be conducting our industry leading Large Commercial Customer Survey during the fall of 2024.

When electricity safety is important, and you would like to gauge your customer’s level of awareness, participate in the Winter 2024 extensive Public “Electricity Safety Awareness Survey” for electric utilities. 

Please contact us about these industry leading surveys or to design a customized survey for you and your organization..

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Announcement May 2022

Title: UtilityPULSE increases its commitment to the LDC community

Effective May 1, 2022, I am pleased to announce the appointment of David Malesich as the President and Chief Executive Officer of UtilityPULSE Inc. He replaces Sid Ridgley, who has become the Chief Strategy Officer.

David is a highly experienced, successful, and well-regarded business leader. David brings a wealth of expertise to this role, having served as the company’s Chief Research Officer. Under David’s leadership, UtilityPULSE Inc. will continue to be a highly focused survey company that provides high-quality customer feedback and insights to the electricity industry.

Clients who participate in the Annual UtilityPULSE Customer Satisfaction Survey or Large Commercial Customer Survey, or have unique needs for a Cost of Service or Rate Application, know that David believes in the importance of working collaboratively to ensure customer engagement needs are met.

For 24 years, you’ve known “UtilityPULSE” as an organization that is knowledgeable about the industry and for using industry-leading research standards. You’ve also known us to support the industry even when it may have been unpopular to do so.

The electricity industry continues to change, research methodologies continue to evolve, and customer engagement requirements continue to grow. UtilityPULSE Inc. remains a trusted industry partner helping its clients be successful.

David and I look forward to serving the customer engagement needs of the electric utility industry. 

Please put the following information into your contact database:

David Malesich                                                          Sid Ridgley

President – UtilityPULSE Inc.                                   Chief Strategy Officer – UtilityPULSE Inc.

Email: david@utilityPULSE.com                              Email: sidridgley@utilityPULSE.com


Sid Ridgley

Chief Strategy Officer